Happy New Year – Any resolutions?

Happy New Year. Wonder what 2016 will bring.  Did you make any resolutions?

I did consider making one. That is to spend less time on Family History. But as that resolution is domed to failure – probably by mid January, I decided best not to bother.

With regard to the coming year in reality it is probably going to be more time.  As more websites and archives become available on the internet I will be glued to the computer screen gazing at illegible hand writing etc.

Also their seems to be an increase of very interesting history programmes on TV.  Did you see the one over Christmas? Back in time through Christmas, about Christmas through the decades – well that certainly bought back a few memories.  Also managed to catch the repeat of the Great History Quiz on the Tudors – personally I thought that was a great way to learn about history. Both these programmes are still available in BBC iplayer.

One for your diary, especially if you have a Baker in the family, or even just enjoy baking, is Victorian Bakers, a three part series, starting Tuesday 5 January at 20.00 on BBC Two. The first episode starts in 1837. As my 4th Great Grandfather, George Pearson, was listed as a Baker in the 1841 and 1851 census I shall be watching this with interest.

So all the best with your research this year and may you have some interesting discoveries.



New book

Not quite sure how I am going to fit it on the shelf but my new John Whaite Bakes book has arrived. Looking forward to attempting Prune & Orange tartlets, Sherbet Lemon cake and Rolo meringue kisses. I will not be doing the marmite and cheddar loaf! You either love it or hate it and I’m in the latter category.
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