A few of my treasured family possessions

In 1996 I inherited my Mother’s most prized possession, her dolls house. Now in terms of dolls houses it actually quite large and very heavy. In a homage to my Mum’s cooking and love of cakes the dolls are now permanently eating afternoon tea – lucky dolls.

Since inheriting the dolls house I have scanned pictures of my Grandfathers paintings and together with family photographs and these now adorn the walls. 

Alongside the dolls house from my Mum I also kept a small pottery lemon squeezer in the shape of a boat and despite the cracked and glued lip I have been unable to throw it away. A set of 6 yellow Danish fruit plates which I think my Mum bought at an auction are also in the kitchen and come out on special occasions.

On my desk sits a carved coconut shell with 3 twisted snakes as the base. This I believe to have been bought back from India by Moses Knighton senior (My Great Grandfather) when he returned from his army service during the 1860’s. I am also lucky enough to have his bible which tells me his regiment and where he was in India on the fly leaf.

Although I have an artist streak I have been unable to match the quality of my Grandfather’s Moses (Junior) paintings. I have great pleasure in exhibiting in my home.