Railway workers who died in WW1


Do you have a railway worker ancestor? By visiting the National Railway Museum website you may be able to obtain information on your ancestor. Their list of fallen soldiers includes name, rank, railway company and department, railway occupation, and other information.

My husbands ancestor – John William Whitfield (15.6.1891 – 9.10.1917) from Linton, North Yorkshire worked as a plate layer before the war and is mentioned in the list. The information has been compiled from the service book used at St Paul’s Cathedral together with archives and Common Wealth War Graves Commission information.

The service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday 14th May 1919 at 2.30pm.

In Memory of the Railwaymen of Great Britain and Ireland who Have Died

in the Service of Their Country During the War, 1914-1918

The information can be downloaded as an excel document or a pdf.