Average diet for a healthy person c1932

Extract taken from the New Home Encyclopaedia 

Average diet for a healthy person

  • 16oz of bread
  • 1oz of butter
  • 12oz of meat i.e. red or white meat, fish or liver and bacon
  • 12oz of root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip etc (lentils are also very nutritious)
  • 4oz of green vegetables
  • 1oz of sugar
  • 1 gill of cow’s milk
  • 1oz of cheese
  • 4oz of fresh fruit
  • 4 teacupfuls of tea or coffee
  • Liquids between meals according to requirements

Wish I had seen this sooner because clearly I am straying from the recommended path particularly regarding ‘cheese’! And shouldn’t chocolate bars be on the list somewhere…………….