The Genealogy Show Summer event 2022

So pleased to be taking part in the Genealogy Show Summer event, where I will be presenting my talk, Australian Gold Rush. This talk features family ancestors, John and George Whitfield, who sailed from Liverpool on the 27th of April 1853. Their ship, the Miles Barton, was on its inaugural trip. Advertised as the fastest clipper ship built, the journey still took 4 days short of 3 months!

To find out more and buy a ticket to the show – details are below. The code EARLYSUMMER15 reduces the ticket cost by 25%, from £20 to £15. There are numerous talks on the main stage, like my Australian Gold Rush, which will feature live chat. If you can’t watch on the day, the presentations are available for 30 days. Plus much more. Click the link to find out the details.

Relatives of John and George Whitfield, who sailed to Australia in 1853, during the Australian Gold Rush
left to right
Florence Evans, nee Whitfield Great Niece
Jack Evans (Brother-in-law to Florence),
Graham Evans, 3 x Great Nephew
Gemma Evans, 4 x Great Niece
John Whitfield, brother to Florence and Great Nephew to John and George. Sadly John was killed in WW1. aged 25.

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